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INTEGRATED Engineering Newsflash

Posted on December 21, 2018

Research And Development (Dr. Enqiu Hu – R&D Engineer)

Optical parameters in LORENTZ 2D in RS mode

The optical parameter calculations are only applicable to LORENTZ 2D in RS mode. These calculations are available from the Trajectory>Optics menu and compute the optical properties of a system and enable some scenarios to be tested based on those properties. The Optical Solver Setup dialog is opened from Solution > Optical Solver Setup

Optical Solver Setup

The solver can work with either an electric mode or a magnetic mode solution, chosen from the Lens Type setting. The optical properties are computed from the paths of rays launched from the Start and calculated to the End. Besides the start and end, the Solver Setup requires you to specify how many steps to compute and which particle to calculate the optical properties for. Once the Solver Setup dialog is setup and closed, the menu Solution>Run Optical Solver becomes active.

When the Solve menu is clicked, rays are launched and analyzed according to the settings. When the solution is completed the Optical Properties dialog box automatically opens to display the computed parameters. Also, the workspace will displace the object and image side focal points F1 and F2 and the object and image principle planes H1 and H2 as labeled red squares

Optical Properties Optical Properties Graph

Testing And Benchmarking (Dr. K.M. Prasad Senior R&D Engineer)

Magnetization with IES’s Magnetic solvers

To simulate the magnetization of a virgin permanent magnetic volume in a customized fashion, a two steps approach is provided in IES’s 3D magnetic solver AMPERES. Please refer here for a detailed description on designing a specific magnetic field pattern in a permanent magnet with different magnetization directions in different regions.

Semicircular Magnetic Material

Marketing Events

Marketing Team

On behalf of the team at Integrated Engineering Software, we would like to extend our Season’s Greetings to you, and give our sincere thanks for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working with you now and into the future, and wish you peace, joy and prosperity as we welcome in the new year.

Holiday Greetings